What I Use for Game Audio Development

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tools of the sound trade. This crops up every so often, so here’s what I currently use for game audio, roughly categorized. Nothing here is inadequate, nothing here can’t be improved. Some tools do something brilliantly, while others are cringey, only listed here because I haven’t discovered or developed a better solution, or because better … Read more

Game Dialog Post-Processing Pipeline Development

Reading Time: 5 minutes Here are before and after screenshots of our dialog loudness charts (zoomed in for readability) showing all of the files for one language in our game. These are now part of our new dialog post-processing pipeline. File names have been changed for illustration purposes. With modern desktop browsers, hovering the mouse over the charts will … Read more

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Synchronized Sound Dailies

Reading Time: 8 minutes Options for the Independent Filmmaker. The original version of this article appeared in the October 1999 issue of TV Technology magazine. Video dailies for digital non-linear editing figures one of the largest and seemingly insurmountable costs in filmmaking. For 35mm to one-light Beta-SP or 3/4″ sync-sound dailies — the two most common formats of choice … Read more

Timecode Caveats

Reading Time: 7 minutes Synchronizing Digital Audio and Video. This article first appeared as an edited version in the May 1996 issue of Mix Magazine. Along with its acclaimed merits in efficiency and flexibility the onset of the digital era within the post-production community has unfortunately ushered in a new batch of technical problems, especially those concerning synchronization and … Read more