Blizzard Entertainment
e-Sports - World Champion Series
Role:  Sound Supervisor
BlizzCon - Stage Transitions

We sound designed several of these enormous StarCraft II stage transitions for the WCS (World Championship Series) Finals at several BlizzCons. Each was themed after a map, and they played before the start of every match. The large center screen is the observer window, and the ones on the sides display what the players see. The two tiny black rectangular windows are the actual booths where the players sit, and the jagged diagonals are the stairs leading into them. Here are several of the ones I did. Experiencing these projected on the gigantic stage of the Anaheim Convention Center Arena packed with roaring e-Sports fans was incredible!

World Champion Series - Trailer

Traditional linear audio post-production editing and mixing for an in-game hype trailer for the StarCraft II World Champion Series tournament. I was given this piece completely silent with no audio direction. Having become a big SC2 e-sport fan from working on the franchise, I wanted this to be a global pump piece of big tournament moments experienced through well-known tournament casters from around the world. After soliciting recommendations from the development team, researching and capturing a bunch of tournaments, verifying non-English sound bites were actually saying what I thought they were saying, and getting the clips cleared by our legal department, I massaged everything together. I tried to organize the snippets chronologically and match the language to the country as it spins into view on the globe. As far as being inspired by a product and motivated by fandom, and wanting to return something celebratory to the community in my own way, this one's it for me.

I'm glad fans enjoyed it too, with shout-outs to the sound (warning: colorful language): Reddit thread