Evan T. Chen - Photos

Evan T. Chen

Sound Design and Supervision

Games - Movies - Television - Trailers - Special Venue
Dialog - ADR - Voiceover - Foley - Sound Effects - Ambiences - Music
Recording - Editing - Mixing - Integrating
Audio Education - Tools and Technology - Facility Design

Evan Chen with legendary Walter Murch and R2D2. Evan Chen and Gary Rydstrom. Evan Chen, Gary Rydstrom, and George Lucas. Evan Chen and Joe Kucan. Evan recording produciton dialog on Command & Conquer 3. Evan's first office at EA Los Angeles. Evan working on The Real Cancun. LMNO EA studio showcase. Evan's office at EA Los Angeles. Looking into Evan's office at EA Los Angeles. Early home studio. Setting up at to record guns with the Medal of Honor audio team. Gun handler surrounded by microphones. Evan's vantage at the Medal of Honor gun shoot 2006. Evan with a sniper rifle.  Lyndhurst Hall exterior, London, 2010. Evan in the Lyndhurst Hall Control Room at Air Studios, London, 2010. Evan in Lyndhurst Hall at Air Studios, London, 2010. Evan's Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) office in Santa Monica, 2010. Sony Picture Studios Foley Stage B, Culver City, 2010.