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Additional Work
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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth - Trailer Duration: 1:37

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth - Trailer

Here's a second trailer I did for The Battle for Middle-Earth. It was around this time I had to decide whether my focus would be on cut scenes or in-game assets. As much as I enjoy working on cinematics, and as much as it's a natural fit given my film and TV background, integrating and implementing in-game sounds with our GUI-less audio engine -- which is essentially manipulating lots of structured data linked together in a labyrinth of text files -- is a skill few audio artists seem to have an affinity to develop, so out of necessity, the choice was an obvious one. After nearly a decade of linear audio, I actually found it refreshing having a new means of controlling audio through our game engine, and I guess having tinkered in computer programming since I was a kid made learning Regular Expressions and XML easier. Luckily to this day, I'm still able to own a handful of cinematics, particularly early on in the development cycle. I should note that the sound of this game is more defined by implementation than any of the other games I've worked on, since so much of it is based on integrating the dialog, effects, and music from the Peter Jackson movies. I think a lot of game Sound Designers don't realize that you can actually do a lot of creative sound design in-engine based on existing assets, that you can think of your engine as a sound creation device, rathern than just a sound playback device. Our games rely on this technique heavily because we have such short dev cycles -- usually around a year.

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Twisted Metal - Evan's raw editing from the E3 2010 Trailer Duration: 1:27

Twisted Metal - Evan's raw editing from the E3 2010 Trailer

I was one of two Sound Editors on the Twisted Metal trailer for E3 2010 and was responsible for cutting vehicles, helicopters, and guns. Here are the raw tracks before mixing.

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"LMNO" (working title) - Logo Duration: 0:10

"LMNO" (working title) - Logo

Some sound editing and mixing I did for the logo for "LMNO," the working title of a joint video game venture between Steven Spielberg and Electronic Arts.

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Logo Duration: 0:09

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Logo

More logo work. Anyone familiar with Frank Klepacki's Hell March 2 music from Red Alert 2 will recognize the drill seargent's yelling at the beginning of this logo. A driving distorted guitar riff at the end continues Red Alert's tradition of using rock guitar music.